War Service

During the time the Warwickshire County Police Force has been in existence, the country has been involved in three major wars (if the Boer War can be so called), and its members have responded to the call of duty. In the Boer War fifteen members of the force who were reservists were recalled for duty. All survived except one, who died in the Cape, like so many others, from enteric.

At the outbreak of the 1914-18 War a number of reservists were recalled for duty and as the war progressed many other members of the force volunteered for the armed services. A total of eighty-two members served in the fighting services, and of these seven lost their lives.

During this war German Zeppelin airships passed over Warwickshire and a number of bombs were dropped. They caused no personal injuries but some damage was done.

During the 1939-45 war some one hundred and forty members of this force served in the armed forces. Of these nine (including three police cadets) lost their lives on active service. In the latter stages of the war a number of more senior members of the force served with the Allied Military Government in occupied territories. During this war the police were much occupied with war duties and civil defence.

Many enemy air raids took place over the county and there was considerable loss of life and damage to property. Members of both the Regular and Special Constabulary lost their lives during the course of such raids. During the war members of the force came more into close contact with all classes of the public than at any time before.

Roll of Honour