During the century it has existed the duties of the Warwickshire Constabulary have been many and varied. Crimes of all types from murder downwards have been dealt with, but in a short narrative it is not possible to give details of individual cases. Its members have been called upon to deal with strikes and riots and the effects of two world wars. There have been railway disasters, plane crashes, and, of much greater magnitude, the ever increasing number of road accidents. As the years go on the number and variety of duties that fall to the police are ever increasing and it is difficult to visualise where they will end.The Warwickshire police officer who first went out on the beat in 1857 would be astonished if he could come back and see what his successor of 1957 is called upon to do.

Despite his wide variety of duties the modern Warwickshire policeman has much to make him thankful. He is well housed, has a much improved rate of pay, reasonable hours, and periods of leave. Every facility is given for sport and excellent playing fields are provided at headquarters. Great consideration is given to his welfare in all directions. Although the police officer patrolling the beat on foot still forms the essential basis of police work, there is every opportunity for a man joining the force today to rise by his own efforts to the highest position in the service.

In conclusion, may we express our hope that in the hundred years during which we and our predecessors have kept watch and ward, our task of protecting life and property, and maintaining the peace has been faithfully and successfully fulfiled.